innovation by Eigen

Artemis—Accurate Biopsy Targeting

Artemis is a prostate-specific, targeted biopsy device. It can assist your physician in making more informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of possible prostate cancer.

Artemis produces a 3D color prostate model from your physician's 2D monochromatic ultrasound images. When targeting a biopsy, your physician can navigate throughout the gland with a much higher degree of accuracy and confidence. Thus you can be assured of a better diagnosis of possible cancer.

Your physician can provide you with a detailed report showing your prostate dimensions, biopsy sites, and where cancer or other anomalies may be found. If you are on an active surveillance plan, your subsequent biopsies will be much more accurately sampled. This is because your physician now has the ability to re-biopsy the same location in the gland or to sample other areas around any specific biopsy location.

Providing such accuracy in your diagnosis and treatment is unique to those physicians using Artemis.