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Artemis System

The power of ei

Already a long-established leader in cardiology and radiology imaging, today Eigen is at the forefront of a revolutionary way for urologists and radiation oncologists to view and biopsy the prostate. Eigen's technology is the first to generate true, navigable and quantifiable 3D images of the prostate from ultrasound. [Learn more]


From NBC4 News (Los Angeles) in late 2012:

Targeted Biopsy Marks Major Advance in Prostate Cancer Research (video)

Prostate biopsy imaging and prostate cancer detection just got a boost with FDA clearance of ProFuse and ProFuse Bx, innovative new software providing a synergy between the radiology lab and urology suite. [Learn more]

Artemis, an advanced 3D prostate imaging tool, provides clear, reliable information to help you make better, more informed decisions about patient course of care. [Click here to learn more]


Eigen is proud to be partnering with these
organizations in the fight against prostate cancer: