We aim to solve limitation of MRI – guided focal treatment.

  • MR biopsy / directed ultrasound.

  • Management of biopsies.

  • Compatible with all MRI systems and any CAD software.

  • Easy calibration

  • Probe stabilization.

  • Visualization of the needle in 3D and recording of the pathology.

  • 3D navigation for prospective orientation.

  • Detailed reports that include previous biopsy cores.

  • Automatic recording of all sample sites.

  • Correct prostate mapping by needle navigation and tracking.

  • Review for previous sample sites / superposition of previous gland volumes

  • Supports PET / CT / MRI / US.

  • Automatic, rigid and elastic fusion.

  • With or without endorectal coil.

  • Reports generation.

  • Information for better treatment decisions.

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy.

  • Visualization of 3D images.

  • Data transfer via USB, DVD, network or cloud.

  • Image Histogram Analysis.

  • Perfusion-Diffusion Analysis.

  • Easy and efficient workflow.

  • Image Histogram Analysis.

  • Automatic image conversion from 2D to 3D.

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