Precision Targeting

Eliminates prostate deformation for high accuracy of targeted biopsy

  • Targeted MR/Ultrasound Biopsy
  • 3D Semi Robotic Navigation for Prospective Targeting
  • Patient Motion Compensation
  • Custom Template Biopsy Plans
  • 3D Needle Visualization & Pathology Recording
  • Compatible with all U/S systems
  • Easy Calibration
  • Targeted mpUltrasound Bx
  • Electromechanical Probe Stabilization
  • Detailed Reporting including Previous Biopsy Cores

Some of the characteristics and advantages of Artemis:

  • Innovation: Artemis provides several image enhancements for standard 2D ultrasound. It automatically converts monochromatic 2D ultrasound images into an enhanced 3D color image, intended to plan and manage the patient’s biopsy process. This greatly increases the ability to examine the prostate for abnormalities or suspicious areas that may need further detail or sampling
  • Advanced needle navigation and real-time tracking
  • Sophisticated record of the locations actual sites of the biopsies taken; they can be reviewed again at any time
  • View and superposition of previous volumes of prostate glands and biopsy locations
  • Artemis offers precision in the monitoring and treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Compatible with all magnetic resonance and ultrasound systems
  • TGA certified
  • Provides rigid and non-rigid registration for precise fusion
  • Outpatient procedure, left lateral decubitus, local periprostatic anesthetic, standard biopsy gun and needle (without additional supplies)
  • The unique fusion system with robotic arm that eliminates the error of manual movement
  • Proprietary patented motion compensation technology corrects patient movement during biopsy
  • In real time, automatic, live fusion.
  • Complete sampling of the prostate gland, with patented tracking and registration of the needle
  • Resample the same sites previously biopsied for active surveillance
  • Sending MRI data directly to Artemis for a biopsy directed through the cloud
  • Send the biopsy data and the results of Artemis pathology to ProFuse for possible treatment planning
  • Artemis generates patient report with a three-dimensional fusion image of the prostate and regions of interest.

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